The Thames at sunset


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Feb 16, 2006
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An evening view from Tower Bridge, the day before going to see some Turners! For more info go to


Great silhouette of the river!! I like this very much! The sunset/rise colors are well done, as is the definition in the foreground barge. This must have been a difficult image to meter!

The only thing I would change is perhaps the crop. I would like to see less of the right frame. The diagonal of the foreground boats should be enhanced.

All in allÂ… A great photograph!!
Interesting suggestion regarding the crop. I was going to take a little off the right as you suggest, and tried it, then took a little off the top, left and right (!), but eventually settled for no crop at all. As for metering, yes, a hard one, so I took 6 shots with different EV settings. Some post-processing brought up the water a little more than the camera allowed. Thanks for your comments.

good job with this one tb2, great colours and processing :thumbup:

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