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Dec 14, 2003
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Had these kickin around in the archives, and reworked them a bit.

Tuba player from the Santa Clause parade


"Reflecting" I had entered another version of this in the Reflections Challenge awhile ago


oops...a nature shot in the General gallery. :er: I played with the levels in this, to give it a little umph


This guy would not keep his wings still enough, but the lighting was kinda cool, so I snapped it anyways.


The really serious band leader...from the santa parade

you got some good shots hiding in your vault. I like the colors in the nature one, and that reflection one is damn cool.
Great photos as always Chiller. I remember the second shot in the reflection contest, really cool shot man!
awesome shots chiller, such a variety too... i'm a nature guy so the leaves and butterfly appeal to me the most, but i'm enthralled by the first one too... sweet capture man... great eye... :thumbup:
REALLY good eye to see that reflection in the tuba shot!! Sweet shots, all of them. You've gotta dig in the archives more often.
Thanks so much everyone.
Anti...I just started to go over some of my older stuff. Between learnin some new PS things, and recovering from the great computer crash of 2006, I got a ton to look at.
Mommy...I remember that shot.. it was killer. Hmm..we were not at the same parade were we?:)
just love the mustache on the leader....

and his expression...

the sunglasses is one of my favorite shots of yours, chiller....

but i love the leafs in the shot.... that is great color....
diggin' the shades ... lovin' the leaves ... bandleader's twirly 'stache is freaky!

Nice vault you got there, Cannuck!
great series chiller, good assortment of images... gotta say im diggin the sunglass's one best.... but you probably already knew i'd say that!...good stuff buddy :thumbup:
Awesome shots Chiller! I'm really liking the shades and the last shot. Great Stuff!
Wow Chiller - I'm impressed with all of these... I especially like the "reflections" shot and the leaf-covered path in the forest. All of these are perfectly composed & exposed... Great work dude!
And not a darkside shot among them ???


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