The whole series... (fawn)


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Dec 14, 2004
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She was hiding back behind the plants in one of the gardens...

After she heard me taking photos she stuck her head up to see what was happening.

After her hiding place was found she ran(wobbled) as fast as she could to her other hiding place.... in plain sight... :lmao:

The whole time her (un)protective mother was watching from a distance... :lol:

Here's a closeup of the fur while the baby was laying down.
I hope you never touched the fawn.
Cool job LIttledude. The second shot is neat.
WOW! I am so awed when I see deer, and it's rare I see the fawns at all, much less so close. What a magic moment. Love the second shot where it's looking at you with those big brown eyes. Thanks so much for sharing these.
yea im diggin the second one.... good series :thumbup:
LaFoto said:
I hope you never touched the fawn.
nope, never did... although the deer around here are VERY tame... they will walk right up and eat from your hand. :confused: The people around here are a little too nice to them. (now we're over populated with them)

Thanks everyone for your comments! :)
It's just that fawn don't emit any odour for a certain period of time in their lives. They smell of NOTHING. So predators cannot so easily find them, hence their lying there on their own in the grass is ok for them.
Once they get touched or even picked up by humans, though, they take up their smell. After that, any fox or whoever is out there and likes fawn for dinner can smell them, even though they smell of human. That is all the same to the fox. The fawn is then no longer safe.

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