There's a 21st birthday party right here!!!>>>>>>>>>


Damn You!
Jan 21, 2006
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Happy birthday omeletteman!!!!!!! Have a great 21st

......and you cant leave till you've either drunk 20 vodka shots in a row..... or by simply leaving a message below ;)

:cheers: :band: :cheers: <<<<< how about some band shots omeletteman :lol:
Hey Omeletteman, congrats on now being of legal drinking age everywhere! Hope you have a great day. Pictures of the drunken revelry at your b'day celebration will be welcome on the forum.
haha thanks guys! I actually cheated and added my bday info this morning when I noticed my name wasn't on the list :)

Legal drinking age here is 19, so the thrill of 21 isn't quite as exciting as it would be if I lived in the USA, but it's still pretty sweet.
wohooooooooooooooooooooo :wav:
happy birthday! :hugs:
hope you have a great one :cheers:
Have a happy one!
Holy crap. I feel so old hanging around here.

Happy Birthday and all that.
Happy Birthday - Drinking age 19 huh, hopefully you still had a couple drinks to celebrate, 21 only comes once - I remember 21 how great that was, sucks getting old.
Happy Birthday to you,..

Happy Birthday to you..

Happy Birthday..

Happy Birthday..

Happy Birthday To you..!

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