things people should make for the odd ball photographer

mysteryscribe said:
something like those press on picture frame hooks but instead of the hook a tripod nut. So that I can attach tripods to my junk cameras.

I've seen these before. I inherited a few pinhole cameras with stick on tripod sockets. You could super glue a 1/4" thread nut to the bottom of the camera.
and god knows I have the superglue lol.... Im working today on putting a 4x5 back on a polaroid 250. I going to save the rangefinder this time by having all the excess hang down. That will make it hang about 3 inches below the camera. Im trying to figure out how to get it on a tripod since it will be mostly timed esposures with paper negs.

Im thinking 1x2 for the bottom with a hole drilled in it for the the trypod bolt replaced by a 3 1/4 or so bolt. Seems about the easiest way to me. Problem is going to be getting a bolt that long into the tripod platform... I might just woodscrew a 1x2 onto an old tripod and fix this camera permenantly to it. I would really like to have a wooden tripod to put it on permenantly but thats too expensive to butcher. You wouldn't happen to know who to make one would you. I mean real easy and real rough looking in the end. Im no carpernter or anything else really.
I bet only a few of you know that the newer plastic film holders are thinner than the old wooden ones. I made a spacer to slide into the back on top of the holder to tighten it up. And since im the only one using this kind of back I doubt anyone will make any, even.
A nice thing to have would be a dozen or so 1/4 tripod type receiver bolts welded onto large but short wood screws. If you had those you would attach a piece of wood to a home made camera then run the wood screw into it and have a tripod receptor that was rock sturdy as well as convenient. Ah i wish i had a welder lol...
I went to Lowes looking for hardware to construct a mount, and found some Hillman brand "Insert nuts, Hammer-in." They're intended, for instance, to be used in say, a bedpost with a flat top. The knob that goes on the top has a short piece of 1/4" 20tpi threaded rod sticking out the bottom, and screws into that nut, making one decorative piece.

For my pinhole camera (which is cardboard) I just cut a 1/4" hole in the bottom, stuck the tripod head through, and screwed the appopriate hex-nut onto it, then painted the nut with a black marker. Works great.

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