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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by pryce, Sep 20, 2006.

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    Hi. I use a an old Pentax film camera with a 50mm lens, which I like quite a lot. But I'm thinking to go digital and I really can't find something equivalent in the digital world. All I want is a long-ish lens, between 50 and 70mm (so things don't come out tiny in the picture), and control over focus, aperture, and shutter speed. No menues, no previews no bull****. Is there a digital camera that can do this?


  2. No.

    Every camera that will allow you control over shutter speed, focus, and aperature is going to come with bull**** (as you so eloquently put it.) You will need menus in which to control various settings that you previously influenced by buying different film types (sharpness, color saturation, sensitivity) and that little display monitor will also show you the image you took - along with a histogram and other relevant data.

    I suggest you go to a good camera store and see what they have. I find it easier to begin my research by seeing and touching the goods, then going home and doing some Googling.

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