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Dec 14, 2003
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Y'all are probably wondering what a darksider is doing here. :lmao: Im not good at taking photos of people, so this is one of my first attempts. Used natureal light, and a soft focus filter.
This is my 3 year old great nephew Ethan.
Thanks Woody...I appreciate your comments.
What are you doing here too.:lmao:
Thanks wxnut. I will see if I can boost the level a bit. I have not done much with this one. Me and Portraits of "live " people dont get along.........yet. I tried to get a Darkside pic of Ethan, but...this was him thinkin about it.
hey chiller..... i posted in here aswell the other day...... its freaky..... but fun!..... i like what you've done with this one, good shot :thumbup:
What a sweet little face! Nice to see you out in the day, Cannuck ... and see ... you're not scary at all! Kiddies still love you!
Thanks so much Arch and anicole. I appreciate your comments.
Arch...yeah.. I was not going to post it here. Felt kinda wierd crossing over. I have been asked to do a few portraits and weddings, and I said nah...not my bag. Guess Im losing $$$ too saying no. I know I would suck at it, so instead of ruining the best day of somebodies life, I will let the pros handle that.
i think this is an awesome shot, chiller... i love the way his is pondering...and i think if you lighten it, it would take away from his pending sadness...

maybe he wanted to go out and play..and couldnt...or maybe a favorite ball of his is out there, and he wants to rescue it, but the adults are not listening to him..??

he is adorable... such a sweet face..and i would love to have his eyelashes...he is gonna break a bunch of girls hearts....

this has to be one of the best protrait shots i have seen of a three year old, they are so hard to get still....

bet alison will love this shot, chiller...(thats who i think of, on having a natural talent with people pictures...!!)

i so wanna just lightly touch his little cheek....
Thank you so much for your kind words April. I have another with the big ol eyelashes, which is kinda neat.
Thanks again.
Chiller, this is a great shot!
Toddlers and children in general are very
hard to catch just acting natural...I find
them even harder to pose. IMO I think the darkness
lends itself well to this shot. I would not
lighten it up too much. But that's just me...
Chiller, I think you did a great job! I love his pose and the lighting and the way he is so not paying any attention to you. I hope you'll take more....yes? maybe? I'll keep an eye out for you round' these parts!
Thank you so much Melcooney, andTaralyn. I really appreciate your comments.
Im hoping to grab more images of Ethan soon. Thanks again.
I would have to say this photo is perfect as is... i also like the dark (not only b/c of the DS in me) but b/c it adds something to the photo like raven says. Nice shot! You are soooo talented!

oh, and you can play in the light for a little while but remember the light will burn you if you stay out too long! :)

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