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Apr 16, 2006
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Thought some members may find this tip useful. About a month ago I started using a new site called ours stock works to add some of my stock Photography. I shoot professionally and use stock sites to sell some of my work. When I contribute I prefer a bulk upload process as it saves time and effort and makes me essentially more money! The site is soon to be live and I get the impression it will be run well as when I had a problem (my fault oops) They responded quickly and solved it no probs. Ive recommended it to some other Photography friends and they have said it looks quality. One friend contributed 200 images in a day via the fast track process which i also use.

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lol, no offence, was just wondering if it was your site! The site looks like it's going to be good quality, but I have reservations about generic stock sites - they quite frequently devalue the photographic world, and nobody wins but the people who buy the pictures. Still, the sample amounts that are there look more promising than the usual $1 per image of places like istockphoto.


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