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Nov 9, 2006
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Simple question really.

I have a Canon EFS camera and I am looking to upgrade the lenses which I am now using, with a view to investing ultimately in an EOS 5D or EOS1DS Mk Whatever..

As I need to do the lot (Except my EF 50mm f1.4. which I am keeping) I would like to know which lenses are in your opinions the sharpest lenses available for the EOS range.....

While we are at it why not have NON Canon users with their ideas as there will be others in the same boat as myself who might find that interesting.
This is way too open a question to get any meaningfull answers out of. Firstly the top range of canon are the L rated lenses - however there are some lower level lenses and some 3rd party lenses which are just as good (optically speaking) and cost far less.
However this is a lens by lens thing and to get any good answers you really need to sit down and work out just what sort of lenses you really need - or at least what sort of photos you would like to take (subjects) as well as budget, weight, convenience (do you want all primes or just a 100-400mm zoom lens)

Without such a context we really can't go anywhere with this thread
ps 300mm f2.8 IS L is probably one of the sharpest canon lenses ;)
Sigma 70mm macro is sigma's sharpest lens (generally speaking)

but you see to a landscape photographer neither lens is any good ;)
Yeah, it's really a question of what you shoot. Sharpness is like Horsepower - it means different things for different jobs - a huge truck and a race car each have a lot of HP, but in different ways.

Canon makes the L series for professional use (the word "pro" means different things to different people - Fashion? War correspondent? Architecture?) High-end after-market lenses are now also available from Zeiss, and you can get Canon EF adapters for Leica's legendary R series lenses.
I think the clue is in "I have to do the lot". And "While we are at it why not have NON Canon users with their ideas as there will be others in the same boat as myself who might find that interesting".

It is really a general discussion thing, an invite for everyone to post "My lens is better than your lens" posts.

The upshot of course is that if we get 100 posts , 95 of which suggest the same lens, then we may have something. But I really just want to know what lenses people enjoy, in a VERY general way.
about the only lens that would come out of such a search would likley be the 50mm f1.8 being as it a very cheap and yet optically sound lens which is recomended to many to get both a feel for prime lenses and also because of its focal length giving a similar view to that of the naked eye (on full frame bodies at least). = though a little long on crop sensor bodies (where something like a 35mm would be better) it is cheap and something that many people can afford.

Beyond that your really working backwards - you don't pick the lens and then find a use you pick a use and then find the lens to best suit that use. Otherwise you might end up with some fantastic glass which you will never use or which will not be suitable to yourself (a 600mm L is a fantastic and sharp lens but its of no use at all if you don't want to work from a tripod and can't afford the vast price it carries).

So first sit down and don't think that you have to cover every focal range from 8mm to 600mm - heck having gaps is often a good thing as it helps you prevent getting confused as to which lens to use for a particular scene; instead think about the things that interest you and which you do want to take photos of; the way you would like to shoot (all primes or zooms for ease - walking around - tripod etc...).
Then we can start to give you some options as to what to go for based on those criteria.
Since these are pro quality cameras and have high megapixels - meaning that good glass is almost a necessity. Definitely something to look to, especially since you're starting anew.

Macro: no point getting the 180mm unless you're dead set keen; the 100mm will do fine.

Otherwise, your other lenses should be L lenses.


as for the list its got some gaps - I mean no macro lens for a start, you can't get around without a good strong macro in your kit :)
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