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Sep 10, 2015
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Hi, my name is John or BubbaBear. You can call me either. This looks like a really great forum. I think I am going to really enjoy it, learn a lot and share what I can. To tell a little about me I am 62 years old. Disabled due to my own behaviour. Forty years of smoking did me no good and I make no excuses. COPD. Still get around and enjoy myself and restarting my photography hobby as a way to lose some weight improve my activity level and health. I have a partner, Mike that I have been with for 32 years.

My favorite aunt got me interested in photography and developing film when I was about ten. I used the school darkroom when I was in high school. The bug bit good and I worked in a pro lab in my early twenties. But that has been it until now. I have tho always wanted my own darkroom. And now we are building it. It is the darkroom I dreamed of and I am as excited as a kid at Christmas. It's probably not elaborate by most of your standards but for me it is ideal. I think it is well planned. It is a 9 x 12 with a 4 foot wooden sink and counter space around the rest of the room. Our plans are to use our 620 and 120 cameras and do some darkroom work much as my aunt taught me. Additionally I bought a Graflex 22 I plan to use and I have a Pentax K1000. Yes, I know it sounds like we stepped out of the past thirty to fifty to a hundred years ago. In fact I have a 100 year old Kodak wooden contact printer. That is our goal. To do things like they were done. Old cameras, old equipment, old methods will result in some nice new work. At least we hope it will be fun.

We have bought some new stuff from someone closing a darkroom so it all won't be old. A couple of very nice enlargers.

So hellow to everyone. I'll be back later.
Welcome, John (I feel a bit silly writing BubbaBear)
Good luck getting everythging together.
I used to shoot 120/620 film and loved the results.

Film is less forgiving than digital so it requires a different attitude - and I don't have that anymore.
Where are you?
Hi Traveler. I am in St. Louis, MO. I have a couple of digitals for everyday use but when I want to have fun it is back to film for me. I enjoy the darkroom. Today I am on Ebay looking for a hand held light meter. It has been years since I used one and it's not easy knowing what to buy.
Welcome. Nothing wrong with a K1000.

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Welcome ! And long live the film ! I am pleased to meet new enthusiast of old technology. I love it to.
Hi timor, glad to meet another enthusiast of old technology. What sort of vintage work do you do?
Hi timor, glad to meet another enthusiast of old technology. What sort of vintage work do you do?
Work is a big word, ha ha. It's a hobby and focal point is to get from b&w film the best performance in dynamic range, accutation and grain.
It's a hobby for me too. I guess what I meant when saying old technology I was asking if you used vintage cameras and if you have a darkroom?
I have whole bunch of old cameras, rudimentary darkroom, fridge full of film, shelves crammed with chemicals and big pile of paper. What I don't have really is enough time to play with it. :biggrin-93:

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