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May 13, 2005
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That's a nice portrait!
Wow. Those eyes and that expression....what a beautiful portrait! Way to go.
Simply beautiful. The lighting, pose and yes, her eyes are all just stunning :thumbsup:
Gorgeous shot all round and amazing eyes.. what a beauty. Why have i not seen your work in Portraits & Weddings????? Look forward to seeing more! Great work xx
thanks a lot guys! appreciate the comments very much :D
here's s a bit about the photo :
i was shooting at 'pahargang' in delhi when i saw this lady eating 'langar' (i.e distribution of free food) she looked so elegant and peaceful amidst the crowds, the heat and the fact that she wasn't in the best of situations and living conditions she agreed to let me take her photo ... her eyes just siezed me!
technically it may not be right, the light was too harsh.. and i forgot to re-adjust the iso and shot this at 1600iso :( :( :( but i just wanted to share this with you guys :)

jemmy-yes i havent been posting much as i did not shoot anything the last 4 months.. but now i'm back at it :) you will see more hopefully :)

thanks again for looking and commenting :D
Famtastiv picture, pin sharp, no distracting background and great lighting... :thumbup:
stunning portrait mans, love this one :thumbup: :thumbup:

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