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Sep 29, 2006
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I back up my personal data (photos as well as other files) onto CD and DVD Rom. I have recently taken on the task of creating contact sheets for all my CDs and DVDs. I was using Photoshop 7's built in contact sheet maker, but ran into two issues:

1) It tries to make thumbnails of files that are not JPGs and I cannot find anywhere to tell it to just do JPGs. If it does a thumbnail of some files that are not JPGs, it has crashed Photoshop (and my whole PC) so bad that I had to hard reboot.

2) I print out a contact sheet and have to write the CD Rom or DVD Rom disk # on the contact sheet manually. If there was an option to add a title, I would make the title be the disk # so that I could put all my contact sheets in a binder and when I want to find a certain image, I can just grab that disk and download it.

This all sounds simple enough, but I have searched for other software that does this and have come up with nothing. I tried Picasa which is good, but I cannot get it to index my CD/DVD Rom collection. It was designed for hard drive use. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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Nov 26, 2005
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look for a program called XnView. it makes contact sheets with a number of different image formats. you can add any information you want under each pic, and if i remember right, you can add a title too.

you can also use any color background, adjust the borders / spaces between each image, adjust text color, number of shots per row / column etc...

its a free program, and ive used it before and never had a problem with it.

it also has a number of other features you might find usefull such as batch processing.

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