Tie-Breaker for June!

June Tiebreaker Poll

  • #1- Edge of the Web

    Votes: 40 63.5%
  • #2-Fruitfly

    Votes: 23 36.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Might be helpful to state what the category is supposed to be...
Its the tiebreaker for the june photo challenge. Things you hate, i think.
Great shots. Both very nice. But the theme was what ended up deciding my vote. I HATE spiders. At least the big scary looking ones.
Has anybody considered that if we all vote for what we hate most, then we will have to look at the thing we hate most on the front page of the website whenever we load it up?
Can't stand looking at the spider, must vote fly. Besides, the fly is amazing colors!!!!

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