Tiger in the Grass


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Jun 6, 2006
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Bolton, UK

PTT Noob! First Photo ever put up (very nervous) Please be nice. I really liked this one of my cat Smudge, hope you do too.
welcome to the forum but I can't see the photo
wow, that is a nice shot. I like how you can see every blade of grass yet it doesn't over power the cat...cute cat to...
very neat shot! love the clarity :D nice
thanks for sharing and welcome ofcourse :D
Hey, "General" (Vic?), welcome to ThePhotoForum!!!
This is such a cute photo of your cat here, but do make sure you also post those of the Brixton Academy. Saw them on your flickr-site and hey, those look great, too!
There is absolutely no need for you to be nervous herewith photos like that!!!!!
Now I can see it and WHAT A PHOTO :hail: fantastic shot
Thank you all for your kind comments, has really made my morning!:lovey:
LaFoto also glad you like the brixton academy ones, took them at new year - was a bit of a drunken mess and my first time with this camera but was really chuffed too! My moto is take loads and see what you like later, will search out and post some more. Thanks!!

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