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Jun 6, 2007
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Hey guys, I've been googling for hours looking for a method using PE 6.0 to tilt-shift. All I can find is using PE 1, 2, and 3. Anyone here can help me? I really really want to tilt-shift photoshop badly Thx in advance
Do you mean that you want to use Photoshop to 'fake' the look of a tilt-shift photo? And I can't imagine there is anything for version 1, 2 or three that you can't do in 6.

Tilt & shift are physical characteristics of certain cameras or lenses. View cameras usually have this ability but you can do the same thing on SLR cameras with specific tilt/shift lenses....but they aren't cheap.
Yes very expensive. Cool effect too.

Here's a cheap (er) one that someone posted on another forum.

The Lens Baby.

Here's a few tilt shift time lapse videos on You Tube. Fun, weird, unique.
I don't really understand HOW it works, but it's kinda cool.



This one is the best:


The Lensbaby does not give the fake tilt shift look.
Are you looking to mimic the miniature look that tilt shift can create? If so, yes this can be done in PE6. I have done it with PE6 myself. I am at work and don't have my notes with me but keep googling, it's there. The difference between PE6 and PS 1 and higher is that the PE does not have the lens blur filter, you have to use Gaussian blur instead. PSers think it is inferior to lens blur, but whatever, it gives the effect if you are just looking to experiment. I now have CS4 and have yet to try it with the lens blur though so I don't know for sure.
Anyway, yes, you can create that look in PE6.
@RubberTree Could you help me with the tutorial, I'm a real beginner with PE 6
Tilt shift shift photographs crate an optical illusion that makes scenes appears as i they are actually miniature modules.Here is my photo shop tutorial for crating fake tilt shift photos.
1, taking the photo an above ground shot is usually best for this type of technique.
2,Open the shot in Adobe photo shop and click onto quick mask mode.
3,select the gradient tool.
4, select the "cylindrical gradient"
5,go back into standard mask mode.

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