Time for another critique...


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Nov 30, 2007
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I'm due for a critique and making an effort to grow so bring it on.
(Note: I had no control over the clothing, hair etc..) I don't know why the photos are so big.



I know you had no control over it...but that girl's shirt...is horrible. I think you did a good job, but the boy seems underexposed a tad, and the girl...I don't like how the light is in the middle of her face.
Fair enough...
I don't like the light on her face either.
She looks a little grown for a 12 year old but, where the clothing is concerned, they just happened to be at my place when I was shooting so, that's what I was dealt.

I appreciate the critique...
The boy has 0 expression on his face which makes the photo very dull.

I don't like the front lighting on the girl...it brings attention to her nose and is unflattering...

Her pose in the first shot is also very awkward. Good luck.
I think the posing is kinda provocative for a 12 year old.

The light kinda bugs me, it's not bad it's just like it's mostly on the faces and the bodies are under exposed. And I know it's very nit picky but the pinlights in the eyes always bug me hehe.
I'm not a portrait shooter so take all this with a grain of salt.
Personally, I like the light.
I agree about the 12 yrolds pose. Too much too young.
I'm not a fan on the processing on the second, but like it on the other two. It's nice and warm.
The only nit I really have is the shirt in the first. Not what he's wearing, only that it's got that big wrinkle in the front so that you can't really see what it says.
Otherwise, I think it's really nice, and I think they will be well pleased. :)

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