Tiny bee posed for me!


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May 30, 2003
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This is posted at my other site.

Click on the Bee to get the full image.

Another one from the same day has a wonderful light playing through the flowers and leaves.

I am new to taking serious photos, so any suggestions would be great!

Jade, those are very nice. You might consider some cropping to focus attention more closely on the subject (the bee) though. A crop that placed the flower the bee is on to the left of the frame and maybe a tad toward the bottom might look better.

The second shot could easily be cropped to create several pictures of individual flowers. Not that there's anything wrong with it the way it is, I just like to eliminate anything that draws attention from where I want people to focus. I like the flow from one flower to the next in this one though. :wink:

It's easy to include too much into a picture, when oft times less really is more. :)

Yes the bee shot is great. I tried to capture a bug on a petal last weekend and he strangely sat still.
I like the colours in the 2nd one. :)
Thats a great pic! Maybe you should crop, or maybe you should.....GET CLOSER!! BZZZZZZZZ... I love the picture!


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