Tips for using a Canon EOS Film camera


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Jan 3, 2008
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My boss is letting me borrow his Canon Rebel with a lens that shoots 28mm - 210mm. f/3.5 - 5.6. Also going to purchase a marco lens for it. This will be my first time shooting with film. Really excited to use it.

I just was wondering if you guys had any tips on using it as i am new to it.
I just need basics since i'm basically a beginner.

Thank you!

Here's the camera!!!
Well do you have experience with digital? It's teh same...except mistakes cost more money...and you have to get it right the first time. Though, with print can mess up yoru exposure pretty bad and stuff get a decent shot.
yeah i do have experience with digital...but it's weird not to see the pix right after i take it. I might just waste a roll of film messing around and keep track of the settings i use. see what they turn out like and go from there.

thanks for your response.
Ya, the basics are all the just have to wait for the results.
if you shoot negative film, and not slide film, then the latitude of film will be much wider than the dynamic range of your sensor in a digital camera. Hence you will not easily realise if you were slightly off in exposure.

In that sense, shooting film is much more forgiving IMHO.

don't be afraid :)
I just got a film camera to. Actually almost identical to yours. Canon EOS Rebel SII. Only, I have a 35-105mm lens. Im still working out the exposure, ect. My first roll was almost a load of crap. Hah. But I think im getting better. Good luck. :]

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