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Aug 15, 2006
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Are there threads with cliche titles you avoid looking at let alone using?
Ummm yes. Some just screem "Not Interesting", if they are then I miss out.
Ummm yes. Some just screem "Not Interesting", if they are then I miss out.

I usually avoid threads with titles with words like, "my, crappy, lousy, bad," in them.
I usually try to keep my titles as simple as possible, sometimes just a single word. (Actually, I think most of my threads have single word titles...)
If people skip over it because of the title, oh well - I'm not too woried about it.
Frankly, I'm used to my pictures going unnoticed, and I guess I'm OK with that. Of course I like it when other people enjoy my pictures - but if they don't like it, it doesn't bother me much.

I too usually skip over the threads with titles that imply that the pictures inside suck...
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I usually skip threads labeled as Titles. I made an exception, :lol:.
Yeah. "My first" anything. Show me your 31st, when you've worked at it for a while.
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"First" and "Yesterdays" are a couple amung others I avoid like the plague.

(NSFW) on the other hand is like sticking my neck tie into a running industrial fan, it pulls me in no matter how hard I fight it.
I tend to steer clear of one's with 'Random' in them. I like to think all shots have some purpose behind them beyond spinning around and clicking at anything and everything.
When I read "car" I know I'm probably not going to open that thread. Or "gun", for that matter... :meh:
Though -surprise-surprise to many?- I still go look if people manage to photograph "flowers" well. ;)
"Baby", "Babies" or any thread where the title suggests there's going to be a picture of a baby there. I know they're their mothers pride and joy, but they all look the same to me.

Dog, Cat, Hamster, Guinea Pig etc will probably also ensure the thread remains unclicked.

On the other hand, if it was a thread by Chiller, I don't think I'd be able to resist my morbid curiosity.
Are there threads with cliche titles you avoid looking at let alone using?


I have to agree with Fox Paw about titles with "My First.... whatever."

When is see "C&C PLEASE!!" and see 6, 16, 20+ attachments, I pretty much run.

And when I do open a thread, and begin to read how the poster is so pleased with himself (usually a guy), saying how clever they are or how they seem to have "arrived," I pretty much shut down.

Also, when I do find an image from a maker wanting a critique, the title will have an impact on my feedback. For instance, if the image is a landscape of a creek in the woods in winter, and the overall balance really cool... bluish, and the titile is "Fridgid Silence," I know what the maker is trying to depict. I don't mind (maybe even like) the blue tones. However, the same image titled "A shot from last week" makes me want to advise how to get proper color balance.

I'm absorbing all of this for my future titles.
:wink: 50+ pics for C&C!!!!

This title is not going to make me give the poster what they want ... It takes the page too long to even LOAD for me to stay and look...
So, the following title may never recieve any views let alone comments?

<3 LOL My first 50+ random crappy baby dog in a car NSFW pix for C&C PLEASE!!!

Be hard on me, I can take it.
I think you are about right :mrgreen: ... that thread looks kind of hopeless ... though the "NSFW" might still lure a good many (I should guess primarily male) members into your post to take a look ;).

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