to Photoshop or not to photoshop, that is the question.

To photoshop or not to photoshop, that is the question

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Jan 14, 2008
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To photoshop or not to photoshop, that is the question.

UPDATE: When I started this poll I was almost completly agaist PP, you've made me see reason, thanks!
It is not really a choice. Postprocessing with some program is a requirement for all professional work and all dedicated enthusiasts use it as well. Only beginners without a basic knowledge of digital photography would even consider not doing postprocessing.

I am a 100% newbie to photography and I still don't see where I would be with my D50 and no post processing. Color saturation is something that usually should be different for each image.
I respect the people who strive for AS SHOT, but since I've been fixing and modifying other peoples work for almost 20 years (parallax, CC and compositing), AND view 99% of what I shot in PS, well I have no problem with sweetening a shot with a little curve or levels adjustment, or perhaps a modest tweak in saturation or color balance, etc... the future is now.

DSLRs are basically designed for PP they take the image with all the data needed to make it great you just do those few tweaks it needs to really pop.
I agree with skieur. You can't not photoshop. Well...sometimes it's ok...but to be's not's digital darkroom.
Adding stuff that wasn't there is probably not good but there are a lot of little things that are meant to be done to images some images need high saturation some need low saturation. Burning and dodging a few select areas adds emphasis. Adding a unicorn and fire probably too far...
A bunch of my teachers are very anti photoshop. I just think it comes from just getting out of the film dark age. Personally. I think there is nothing wrong at all with PS an image. And not just stuff that could be done in a traditional dark room. If something needs cloned out then be damned I'm going to clone it out.
Post-production everytime.
Post production at the very least to capture the scene that was there the camera doesn't always give you quite the saturation needed.

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