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May 15, 2003
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Gilbert, AZ
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Phoenix experienced a record shattering 142 days without measurable precipitation. Sunday broke that record when it rained all day. It also snowed above 1600 feet, so seeing saguaro's with snow on the hills is quite a sight! Malachite says it's been a good 10 years since it's snowed in the valley.

Not one to waste an oppurtunity of this rare event, plus the fact that there was a full moon, it was going to be a long night.

I started out at one of my favorite spots in Gold Canyon. I wasn't finding a fresh angle, so I decided to do a panoramic. This time I got in a better spot so I could get some foreground elements.

This is 21 photos stitched together. Full resolution comes in at just under 50 megapix.

o get a better idea of the detail, here is a higher resolution version.

I captured this one before heading down the trail.

After returning home I watched Walk the Line (for the 3rd time) and took a shower. I took a short nap, which was interrupted by Noah when he threw up. He's been sick for 11 days now :(. There's a 2 week virus going around. I left at 3am to grab a couple of moon exposures before the Sunrise. Unfortunately, my cable release was broken and I couldn't get any shots with the yashica. Had to at least post one of the moon exposures though.


The moon was starting to set, so I set out to find a location that would give me a good view. I first captured this Ocotillo against the setting moon.



On my way home, I found a good spot to watch the sun rise.

Awesome work, Chad! 'Bout time you posted your stuff in here. :hugs:

#4 is fabulous. I just love this!

And oh....the last one....that's the one I meant. So it's the *sunrise* version I think is the best! :thumbup:

Hope little Noah is on the mend soon!
great series, voodoo, i am jealous... i wanted to go take photos sunday, but had family obligations... is that Four Peaks in #3!? awesome shot! I could see the very top of the peaks all the way from the 303 Sunday, i couldn't believe how clear it was after all that rain, and it's already smogging up again... :thumbdown:

great captures, love #6 too...
1,5 and 6 are awsome, well taken series :thumbup:
great shots voodoo...but that first shot..? its just totally magazine quality... its superb...

beautiful place to live, huh???
Wow! Really really nice. Great work on the pano.

Love them all. Last one is AWESOME AWESOME!!!

Hope your little one is on the mend.

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