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Feb 24, 2005
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I took this today. Hope I'm not breaking any protocol by posting a bird pic
that I fooled with in Photoshop on the nature forum.

Please, I am interested in any feedback you may have.

Thanks in advance.

I personally don't like the "matte
look of the picture, but I do like the composition (personally). I thin if it was the original picture I would like it evcen more. It looks like the bird is about to race someone. Good capture
Beautiful shot! I have to agree with Rahb though, I think I would like the original photo better. Nice detail, nice composition and I love the bird's stance... very nice shot!
Thanks for the responses. I just need to try a few different things
now and again. Below is the original before the texture was added.


Now THAT is outstanding. I use the rule of thirds too religiously to have captured this shot as you have.......darn obsesive compulsiveness.......You either have perfect timing or great patience and a good eye. Either way Nice shot. I can't wait to get out in the outdoors and take some more nature shots. unfortunately I don't have a DSLR, just an SLR so I have to pay for developing and scanning :(
whoa bill you original is awesome, i love the golden tones in the pic... i actually like the first one too... it is different, it looks like a mural that was airbrushed onto a textured wall and you took a pic of it...

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