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Apr 8, 2007
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Norfolk, VA.
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Okay... I get this phone call from one on my closest friends and she starts off by the "How you doing... blah, blah, blah." and chit-chat begins. 3 minutes into the conversation she said that she was at the local park looking for a place to set up a tripod for family portraits and then she's headed to Wal-Mart with the flash card.

OMG! I stop her, grab my bag and head out to the park for a 3:30 pm, extremely overcast, windy and cold, kids shivering session. I shot the family, then the 3 kids together and started individuals and when each is done, I shuffle them to the car. 3:45... we're outta there.

Here are some of the shots. I have already edited one set of these at her house on my "super slow" laptop and they look good. These are my empty house all alone edits. Before the discussion begins (and C&C are always welcome), I have aged the photos like this on purpose because I like the underexposed yet blown blacks look in this, my ever growing style.

Knock yourselves out!




I freakin hate this thing. Everytime I post from the photoforum! I'm going to link them to my blog... hang a sec.

Okay, follow this link please.

I do not understand why as a subscriber, I can not upload a photo to my attachments folder, open the file, copy the link, post the photo and I can see them but no one else can freakin' photos without attaching the little files like I have to do on my other posts!

freakin' irritating!
Yea, I don't know what to tell you about the posting issue, write and admin and ask them, I can see why you are frustrated.

I like the idea and the locations of the photos. The highlights in the skin look a little blown to me, but that treatment you gave them kinda makes that okay. They almost have a vintage feel to them. The shots look very natural and fun, which is always a plus.

I'm not really into that much vignetting but I think that is a matter of style and I know you dig it, so cool.

Overall, I really like them! Good Job.
Thanks! I know that our styles are almost polar opposites but to be honest, yours is an opinion that I cherish. I have done some homework on quite a few of the photographers here and even though you get some heat for it sometime [your opinion, business practices, critiques etc.], you have the portfolio, reputation and income that backs up your work. I take your opinions to heart.

I'm normally into the vignetting but it is waaaaay overdone to the point where it started distracting from the subject as well. Selective darkening of the background with the vignetting would have been my personal choice. No idea what happened on the second one in post you look like you got antivignetting (not a real word) in the middle of the image and that's just weird.

The photos and poses are great, I like the reduced saturation but the vignetting kills them IMHO.
On my monitor the second one down of the girl, her face is sort of shaded over or something. I don't know at first I thought I had a spot on my monitor so i scrolled up and down but the spot remained on her face, it's sort of small to see though.
These are very nice. :)

I'm gonna have to look that up! =o)

Thanks for the opinion. I do appreciate it. I think the vignyetting is heavier than I usually do but I did this for 2 reasons (BTW: I have read countless posts as of late for people defending their work to the point of getting aggravated to the one giving the c&c. This is NOT one of those replies! I'm not trying to change anyones opinion of my work... this is simply a "what I was thinking" editorial):

First, the sky was very overcast and looked blank against the portraits, so I wanted to kill as much sky as I could. And because I pumped the blacks so much to get that vintage color appearance, I needed to jack up my vignette too.

Second: The first shot has the round ring in it that holds my ring light flash and I didn't want to loose the composition because of the black ring. I thought I'd disguise the lens ring with a vignette, which is something I do anyway. I think that sort-of frames the photo which in this case is round.

Because of these black halo's I've been getting lately (the ring light thing), I am definitely buying myself a wide angle asap! I feel like a kid that's learning to ride a bike!
This doesn't have anything to do with your post, but I read through your "about me" on your website and found a few spelling errors and some basic grammatical errors. I just thought I would let you know because I would want someone to do the same to me. I love the layout of your website. Who designed it?
This doesn't have anything to do with your post, but I read through your "about me" on your website and found a few spelling errors and some basic grammatical errors. I just thought I would let you know because I would want someone to do the same to me. I love the layout of your website. Who designed it?

Thanks... I am aware of the errors. I bought the template from a company online. I think it was (or something like that) for $55.00. I gave the file to my guru and he worked his magic on it and used a combination of flash and old school code. I am a flash/web building idiot. We have just sent that site live and frankly, I haven't even finished paying him to build it. We are getting together after the holidays to go over all of the little bugs.

Thanks again for the heads up. I'm embarrassed to say that I know... <sigh>.

baby steps
i'm not of fan of strong vignette or vintage..however, i think these work together wonderfully on these shots! particularly like the 3rd shot! they all have a nice artistic quality to them and they would have been boring in plain colour or b&w, given the weather and overall dreariness of the day....this works really well.
Thanks Kim.... and everyone else. I'm glad you liked the shots (posing and composition wise). I know opinions vary in the post processing, but I still appreciate all of the input.

Art is subjective... but it still feels good when people don't think it sucks! =o)
The exposure and composition appear to be good at first glance, but the processing has sucked all the detail out of the highlights and overly flattened the images. The histograms confirm that there is little to no detail in the mid-tone to highlight range. This is particularly problematic because your meter is placing the exposure of Caucasian skin in the 15-18% gray range, precisely where you need detail. Further, the heavy vignetting creates the illusion of your highlights being even brighter than they actually are, which doesn't help when they're already too bright to begin with.

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