toilEt seats brother does and my Dad did too. I think everyone should.
Seat and lid goes down everytime. I cannot stand to walk into the bathroom and see the seat and/or lid up. A huge pet peeve with me.
We leave it up in our house. For some strange reason the dog prefers drinking out of it. Even if his water bowl is full. Weird weird dog. :lmao:
both down... my dad is trained perfectly by my mum :) and I hope my husband will do the same :D
I can't be the only guy who puts the toilet seat down each time he uses it, can I?

You mean after you use it right?
Whats with women moaning about putting the seat down?

I suppose its just habit for them to moan about everything...
Easier if we just remember too. Because apparently it should always be down for some reason. The its as easy to put it down as I have to put it up. That doesn't work. Even though it is easier to put it down (gravity :) ).
my god, the infernal 'up or down' debate!!

Personally I leave it down if I'm a guest but if it's my house then I'll leave it up. Yes, even if I'm living with people, come on girls, why do you find it so much hard work to put a toilet seak down? Or could it just be another excuse for a completely unjustified rant? ;)

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