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Mar 13, 2006
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While shopping around for a D200, I'm coming across a really wide range of prices for new, factory-sealed bodies.

Here's just over 900 bucks:

How about under 1800 bones for a D2X?:

The thing is, I've found quite a few sites priced similarly for the same stuff. But B&H sells the same rigs for twice as much. Is the markup really that much? Could internet retailers actually make a profit selling these this cheap? Or is this just another case of 'too good to be true'?

Thanks in advance.
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If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. B&H is/has a huge warehouse and probably does more internet/mail order business than any other photography store. How could they be in business if other places were selling the same stuff for that much less?

Check this link. That site is rated at 0.78 out of 10

There quite a few of these types of stores. They just want to get you on the phone with their apparently low price. Typically, they add a lot to that price for things that should come with the camera. Cords, manuals, software etc. Then they give you a hard sell for other accessories like batteries and memory inflated prices. If & when you finally do place an order...they will tell you that it's back ordered and won't be in any time soon.

They know that people compare prices on-line...and so they advertise these super low prices. Actually, a lot of these stores are just little hole-in-the-wall store fronts in NYC and go by several different names.

Do your self a favor and stick with B&H or Adorama. There are links on the bottom of this page.

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