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Jun 20, 2003
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...... itinerant ..........
...hello, another newbie here - just stumbled across this forum a couple of weeks ago

I'm not a photographer as such but use a camera to illustrate my work as a travel writer

Some years ago I took 4 years off work to study photography full time at several technical institutes - reason being it began to seem that everyone with a backpack and a laptop thought they were a 'travel writer'

I needed an edge!

These days i have too much time on my hands (hence my relatively high ranking here, despite being a newbie)

Recovering from an injury, i'm on enforced leave and R&R, wintering over in the South Pacific and forums such as this are keeping me sane

I expect (hope!) to be back on the road come November ... so there's plenty of time still left for me to annoy y'all



I'm sure we all wish you a speedy recovery but your input has been so excellent that I for one am worried that you'll not be spending so much time here.
BTW, it must be tough being stuck in the South Pacific!
       "all the Queen's surgeons
       and all the Queen's men
       have now put Humpty -
       together again"

... better 'n quicker than i'd ever dared hoped for

Excellent stuff

And so, with my assistant due in the country later this week, it's back to the road

I wish each and every one of you, all the best

Have fun...




(*) with apologies to the original nursery rhyme

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