Took a bit of a walkabout today


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Aug 8, 2012
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Now that I am getting some more camera time, I figured today would be a great day to challenge myself. The sky was uncooperative at best. Light was being it's typical fickle self. Overall I like the results. Fair warning at least 1 is going to be considered overdone, I am already aware of that. Since I was going for about a two mile walk, I left my tripod in the car. All brackets are shot hand held.

House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Shot from the drivers seat of my car. Tried to keep this one subdued.

Not the worlds most interesting composition, but I figured capturing the dynamic range would be good practice. I used a CPL to help with the reflections on the water. From the angle I was at, I could get rid of the foreground reflections or the ones at about the midpoint. I opted for the foreground. I guess I could have shot 1 bracket, adjusted the CPL and shot again, but didn't honestly think of that till I was typing this

This is the one I might catch flack for. It isn't pretty by any standard. It might be a touch over done, but I think given the context of the shot, over done fits.
I'm digging the underpass. Overdone a tad here is ok because of the gritty nature of the concrete (in addition to what HDR was designed for, it does really well with popping textures, like wood and concrete and asphalt). Add the graffiti and it makes for a great grungy feel.

I'm thinking a slight crop on the ends to remove the bushes on the right and the open area on the left side, tighten it in to just the underpass. Relatively minor nitpic as I think the shot overall is very good as is.

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