Top 10 Digital Camera Shooting Tips (Excerpt from "Adobe Camera Raw for Digital....


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Mar 14, 2006
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Top 10 Digital Camera Shooting Tips (Excerpt from "Adobe Camera Raw for Digital Photographers Only" by Rob Sheppard)

The introduction of Photoshop in this era of digital cameras has helped photographers a lot in creating their "perfect" photos. But photographers don't really need "to photoshop" the images they took if they shoot pictures right.

Here are 10 tips that would help the photographer capture great images:

1. "Be wary of underexposure." Sure you can brighten the image in the computer, but this won't reveal the original colors of the photo.

2. "Get what you pay for." Use the full features of the cam, like the sensor that would tell you when your photos will be underexposed.

3. "RAW is no substitute for shooting it right." The tones and colors of the images taken RAW are not as good as pictures taken with proper exposure.

4. "Avoid increasing noise." There are digital cameras now that allow higher ISO settings and can control noise.

5. "Minimize banding." Avoid expanding overexposed photos too much because this causes bandiung.

6. "Exposure is bad, too." Details in color and tone are lost when you take overexposed photos.

7. "Expose to use the whole tonal range of your sensor." Digital cameras now have sensors that will warn you of overexposure. Adjust your settings to the point where there will be minimal exposure. A little overexposure will help bring out the colors of the photos.

8. "Sharpness comes from shooting sharp." Even when enlarged in compoters, photos shot sharply reflect on the image. It takes experience and skill to shoot sharp photos.

9. "Think ahead as you shoot." You have to be able to visualize not only the image you're trying to capture but also the processes involved to produce the photo.

10. "Compose to get the best shot from the start." Little work should be done with your photos on the computer. The best photos are always the ones that need minimal editing, and you can get this if you plan your shots from the start.

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