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Dec 30, 2010
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I had this E session last Friday with this couple who's wedding is in August. For the life of me I couldn't get them to interact with emotion for each other. I know Asian culture limits displays of affection but dayum, they're young and in love? Anyway, I feel the lack of participation on their part is very apparent and as much my fault as theirs. My wife was working with me and trying her best but to no avail. We both left the scene perplexed. I'd like to hear how you deal with couples like this?

Here's a few of the images:




Sometimes you just do the best you can, especially if the subjects don't cooperate (or can't)! Lighting is a little harsh on #2 and #3, but hard to do anything about that in that setting. Shots are well done, look good! #4 is lovely!
Yeah, 1pm and wife on reflector for these plus I tend to edit on the bright side I think. Thanks Charlie!
I have spent most of my life in Asia and the Middle East with mostly Asian friends but I'm a Brit so this may be total rubbish. I really like #2 and so does my Filipina friend sa next to me. When East Asians marry it is the start of a journey which is focused on creating wealth for the future family and 2 really captures this.

I think hat they are all are nice and based on photos I have seen from friends weddings they are among he best expressions I would hope for.
I think that in a situation like this, you just have to adapt to the couple. I'm guessing that if they weren't willing/able to show affection for each other, like you wanted, then there is probably a reason. Like you said, if their culture simply doesn't place an emphasis on looking young and in-love, then that's not what they're going to want in their photos either. So if they're a little more serious, just go with it and they'll probably get exactly what they want.
I think they look great! Maybe it's what they wanted.

Btw is that hakone?

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