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Mar 5, 2009
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Upstate New York
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Hi all! Just found this forum yesterday and have already found a lot of great information and tips.

As a quick intro to myself, I'm a 22 year old student in upstate New York and have been a self-proclaimed "photography hobbyist" going on 3 years now! Started with a tiny P&S camera, moved up to a bigger Canon and should have my very first SLR sometime next week! It wasn't until I began receiving recognition for my photos that I began thinking of myself as an aspiring photographer.

My favorite style of photography is nature and landscape, ranging from Ansel Adams to Chuck Anderson, while personally having little to no experience with studio or portraiture. I'd also like to get into some light HDR work, but don't seem to have the software for RAW or HDR capabilities yet.

See you guys around the other threads!
Sounds good! Welcome to TPF.
hello im glad that you are part of this forum cheers
Thanks for the welcome! I'm thoroughly enjoying the information and tips I'm learning about around here.

Now back to reading. ;)

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