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    After a 5-year run, our Photo Challenge moderator, TwistMyArm, is stepping down for some much deserved rest.

    Twist joined TPF in its early days, and was at the helm of The Photo Challenge from the beginning. The rest of the TPF staff, as well as all our members, could always count on him to organize and display all submissions in a timely fashion. At times it can be a thankless job, so please join me in expressing a huge debt of gratitude to Twist for his years of service in this thread. We cannot thank him enough!

    In related news, we are excited to announce that our newest staff member, Chris of Arabia, is stepping in to moderate The Photo Challenge. We are also currently working on some modifications for how the Challenge submissions will be done, and have reached the testing phase.

    Look for Chris to let you know after new submission guidelines are in place. We have every confidence that Chris will do as great a job managing the Challenges as his predecessor.

    Enjoy the 2009 Photo Challenges! We appreciate your input and support.


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