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Been spending a lot of time on here!
Sep 9, 2006
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FYI for the uninitiated. TPF has a secret Porn Detection Cookie that they send to you browser. If it detects that you are looking at porn it reports that site back so the Mods and Terri can look at the porn you are viewing to determine if it is of interest to them. To give them all a chance to look at the porn you are viewing, it slows down the response time from TPF so you spend more time waiting thus giving them more time to look at PORN!!!:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:

Hey!! :irked:
You promised not to spill the beans if we shared with you every now and then. But, that's it - no more porn for you! :whip:
But...but...but I didn't tell them how you can suriptiously turn on their web cams and watch them sitting naked in their beanbag chairs eating Cheetos.

Opps, my bad.:concern:

p.s. For those of you who didn't catch the hidden meaning in Terri's choice of emoticons we call her Misteress Terri. Now you know what kind of porn sites to visit to keep her happy.:biglaugh:
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Been spending a lot of time on here!
Sep 4, 2013
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extremely slow loading time!

It got to the point that I can't wait anymore and just leave when it happens.

Sometimes it's fine but in most cases it's not. Everything else loads just fine.

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