TPF Soap Opera, Pt II: As the Forum Turns


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Feb 5, 2004
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(aka: Corry's bored).

I'll start it, you continue line minimum. :)

My head was pounding as I slowly woke up from what I thought was just a deep sleep. But the intense pain and stiffness I felt as I tried to move told me it must have been something more. An all night drinking spree? Could be. My eyes still wouldn't focus, so I was still unsure of where I was.

Slowly, my senses started to become more clear, though moving around was still out of the question. I could make out noises in the distance...a woman talking softy in a one-sided conversation...must be on the elderly sounding man yelling angrily about not wanting his damn medicine.... I was in a hospital.

I was suddenly aware of movement to the left of me, just out of my hazy view. Someone was sitting in a chair next to my bed.

"Corry! You're awake!"

I could swear I knew that voice. It was a woman, and she had an accent. German, I think. be the next poster! :D
Lafoto was shocked to see that finally corry had woken from a deep coma. The doctors had said she was hit in the head with a baseball while visiting Chicago's Wrigley Field. She had been oh so excited to see the stadium but hadn't known such a fate could possibly befall her. The question now, was what in the heck was Lafoto doing all the way in United States....or was Corry in Germany? dun dun duuunnnn....
Meanwhile, at the home of Jeff Canes, there was another crisis going on. He was hosting the latest meetup in Sunny Florida, and had countless forumites crashing in sleeping bags on his floor.

But one among them wasn't an honest person. Jeff's Canon EOS 1D Mark II N was missing! ....
OMG... everyone looked on Mentos coz she was the only one without DSLR... and she felt terrible! so she moved her sleeping bag to the balcony... there she saw MD...
Mentos went running up to MD and threw her arms around him. Only, her eyes hadn't adjusted to the dark, and to her dismay, it was only a lifesized cardboard cutout of MD, that Jeff had made after the Joshua Tree meetup. Mentos was unaware that MD was Jeff's hero, and she was heartbroken that it was not the real MD.

But, little did she know, Bace had had his eye on her all night, and had seen how upset she was when she went on to the balcony, so he went out to join her, and chat with her a bit.

At that time, back at the hospital....
Last year Corry’s beloved Cubs had been sold to Maco Photo of Hamburg. The new owners had moved the team and stadium brick by brick to Germany. She had been in Germany to see the Cubs before heading off to the Florida meet-up when she was hit by the fly ball.

As Corry arouse Corinna told her that Chase had sent TPF jet to fly them to the meet-up that started yesterday. Corry was a live and she was going to meet-up! The jet was waiting for them at VonNagy Executive Airfield outside of Hamburg. Now it was just a short ride to the airfield in the black BMW limousine set by the airfield manager. They would soon be safely on the way to Florida.

Back at the meet-up Bace looked out the window to see Mentos on balcony with MD.

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