Tranquil Sunset


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Jan 21, 2006
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Comments/critiques most welcomed. :)

What precisely is it you want our critique on? Light? Composition? Motif? Textures?
General comments/critique are best to be had in the General Gallery.
So try to be precise and we're precise back, else this might move over there.

In short: it is pretty, especially the sky.
Thanks LaFoto. I'm looking for critiques on the composition mainly. Of course, if there are other areas which are worth highlighting, I'm all ears! :)
More of an almost sunset rather than a sunset. But I realize if you had waited longer the boat wouldn't be visible or blurry. I think it is too busy with the concrete pillar and the boat and the building on the left. Maybe make the pillar the point of interest then have the boat close to the edge of the left of the frame to show it's leaving? I think a few more steps to the left to have only the pillar and the boat... The pillar isn't much of an interesting object either... hmmm... Maybe you should find a different angle or other subjects that are appealing to the eye?
I keep looking at that pillar. It is very distracting. Can I ask what your point of interest was intended to be?
i think the comp is ok. But i would boost the contrast with the curves

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