Trasform by Zach Aries

Saw it, loved it. Zack is a damned fine photographer, and anyone who has bought and seen his Onelight DVD would agree without hesitation.

Now, Zack is someone who has been through some tough times, and anytime that life weathers you, you grow as a human being. I found that this weathering has helped many professionals in the arts become better artists for it.

No painter can really feel if he's never felt pain or loss... same for song writers and the same of all musicians. The same goes for photographers. Until you've lived life, its really hard to put some REAL feeling into your photography. Zack's work shows the influence of that "weathering" life has given him. He's one of the ones that I really hope makes it "to the top" in his industry... he's paid his dues a few times over already.
Just commented on this work. Hits home to say the least. Sums my relationship with photography in a mere 9m50s. Thanks again for the link.

Are you the Alleh that said the only job that cures cancer is the job that cures cancer? Truer words were never spoken.

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