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May 5, 2006
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I am new in photography but I love it....I am going away to Europe soon and I am so excited about all the pictures that I am going to take but I have no idea.... what should I take with me? I don't have a digital SLR but if it's a must I can buy one before I go...I was thinking to take my film SLR with color slides and then at the time of developing get a CD of all the pictures so I can change them to B&W or do whatever in Photoshop..Is this a good idea??

Also what size of the lense should I take?
As you see I am CLUELESS!!
Welcome to the forum.

You might want to consider a compact digital because it will be easy to carry and slip into a pocket. Sure a DSLR will give you better image quality and more versatility but it's expensive and big.

If you have a film SLR, you can use it to capture those great scenes that you will want to remember and/or print large. If you can properly expose slides, then go for it.

As for what lenses, that's up to you and your shooting style. I would prefer wider lenses because backing up is not always an option.
First off need to decide if you want digital or film. If you are happy with your film camera by all means take it. But if digital is going to be your final use you may want to look into it more.

What is your current camera? What range of lens or lenses do you have? Are you mostly interested in pictures of sights, people, animals, big scenics? That will determine what lens range you will need.

Have you had film scaned to cd before? The quality of some labs leave alot to be desired!

I like the idea of a point and shoot digital camera. Some of the better ones put out very good photo's. Some of the larger ones (look almost like 35mm slr's) have a very large lens range so it most likely would be the only thing besides memory cards and batteries you need to take.

I personally have two digital slr's and 1 digital p&s. The p&s is now the only one I take with me when I travel for work.

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