Traveling to San Diego - Need Suggestions!


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Mar 25, 2009
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Ok so i have no idea where to post this so I figured I could start here. I will be traveling to San Diego in early sept. for business. My meetings do not start until Monday so I am going to fly in a couple days early to see the area and hopefully take a TON of pictures. I love landscape, macro, automotive so where do you suggest I spend a couple days? I will be staying at the Machester Grand Hyatt so I would like ideas to be within a short taxi ride or walking distance from there. Any help is appreciated!

There is lots to see along the waterfront where you will be staying. Seaport Village is very close and often has some interesting street performers. A fairly short ride to Balboa park is a must. Lots of old buildings and great gardens perfect for macro work. It is one of my favorite places to photograph in San Diego. It's free to walk around or there are a LOT of museums in the park for an admission fee.
Google all these.

Seaport village
LaJolla cove
Old town San Diego
Balboa park
Sea world
Mission Bay

Head up to Carlsbad (30 min north on I-5) and hit Lego Land.

And if you like photography, you ABSOLUTELY MUST take a shot of SanDiego from Coronado Island at dusk.

Quite a bit to see here.
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Two days on this and there isn't much you would have missed....If you are able to go ahead of time and be on Coronado on a Sunday at the Hotel del Coronado there is an amazing Sunday Brunch...I believe its called the Queens Brunch in the Crown Room. Expensive, but unlike any other you have had or probably will have. Memorable to say the least.

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oh man all these ideas i am ready to go now!!! I have done a little big of google searching and it looks like a photographers heaven for night photos and sunset. I am definately going to check out ALL of the items mentioned. Coronado sounds wonderful. Big island? Anything else to do on it?
Not big, and dominated by military (Navy SEAL BUDs and air station), but the area around the east side is awesome for photos of the bridge, and downtown.On the west, hotel Del Coronado is a must visit.I'd walk over to the Star of India and spend some time on her getting shots! Then probably continue on down to sea port village, passing the old carrier Midway (which is now a museum).A million things to see, 10 million if you rent a car.
I would second LaJolla and the SD skyline from coronado.
In lived in Coronado for about 10 years.

The Hotel Del Coronado is spectacular.

You can get great shots of Point Loma and sunsets from the beach there in Coronado, because it's one of the few south facing beaches in California.

On the bay side of Coronado is where you get great shots of downtown San Diego, and maybe some shots of an aircraft carrier parked at North Island Naval Air Station. (Bayview Park (it's small), 1st Street and I Avenue, or Centennial Park, which is where the ferries used to land before they built the bridge.)

At any rate, take a look at Google Maps and Google Earth to get an idea of what you'll have within walking distance of your hotel.
As Schwetty said the zoo is amazing. Not many places in the US that have Giant Panda's
>>> another vote for the Hotel Del. Also I really enjoyed Old Town San Diego, especially since it was a short walk from the hotel I was trapped in.

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