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Sep 19, 2010
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Hello everyone,

I have a tricky question about stock licensing that I haven't been able to answer with PhotoQuote or any other resource I have. Hoping someone here can help.


Recently negotiated a price for a stock license of Photo A - Usage 1.

Licensee now wants a similar usage for a derivative, heavily altered version of Photo A. Rights are similar in both cases. This would be Usage 2, but the same photo in each case.

But, I don't know what is a fair and reasonable price to quote for the Usage 2. It seems odd to charge the same for both Usages, since it's the same image being licensed in either case, but the rights sought for Usage 2 would call for a about the same price if it were a separate image.

Is there a convention to follow in cases like this? An add-on fee for the second usage of the same image? Should I treat it like a second photo and proceed as usual?
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Who made the heavily altered deriviative? You or the client? Does the client usage need, now double?
in your first agreement did you specify he couldnt not modify the image?

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