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Oct 26, 2005
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Western N.Y.
I have heard in the past, that if a longer lens has a tripod mount on it, use that to mount to a tripod. Sooooo, if you have say, a 300mm mounted to an F3 w/MD-4, how much strain will there be on the camera using the lens mount, versus using the mount on the motor? It just seems that there is an awful lot of weight pulling down on the lens, if you use that one. I don't think that I will worry either way, but I am curious if anyone had problems with a damaged flange from extended use mounting tripod to lens.
I'd use the mounting point closest to the centre of gravity mainly to reduce the chance of the camera slipping or moving due to the weight imbalance.
I don't think there would be an unduly large stress on the mount - especially if the camera was metal eg Canon 20D. It might be different with a Digital Rebel in case the plastic flexes.
Back in those dark old days when I had a heavy Nikon (can't for the life of me remember the model F something ) camera and an equally heavy lens, I had the similar problem of neither mount being ideal and having to constantly lock the tripod head before I let go of it... *bonk*

So I made up a plate that fitted to both mounts and then to the tripod, so it was perfectly balanced. It wasn't pretty but it worked.

Problem solved.

Thanks, I have been thinking about a bracket that will connect the two together and then to the tripod. Thanks for the other responses as well.

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