Trouble with correct colors on upload (Zenfolio)


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Sep 22, 2010
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I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this, but I'm having a problem with Zenfolio and getting correct colors. I've tried converting to sRGB, aRGB, removing the color profile, etc... The issue is that the photos seem to display most similar to in PSE on my main page slideshow, but once you click on the photo in the slideshow to go directly to it's page... the photo now displays oversaturated. ANybody familiar with this? Or is my workflow just wrong? I noticed if I save the file with the 'Embed Color Profile' checked, it also displays oversaturated (on the exact same monitor) in OSX Preview. If I uncheck this box, the colors look about right. I'm using PSE and my browser is Safari. Thanks in advance for any help.
Are you using internet explorer, by chance?
Sorry! I had to re-read... twice... to catch that. I think I have been working at the computer wayyyyy too long today!
It seems that Safari has advanced color management if I remember correctly. It is tickling my brain somewhere that if you save one way that embeds the CALIBRATED colorspace you will see a difference than if you save a different way embedding the sRGB color space.
I want to say that Safari uses the calibrated color space of the monitor.
Do a "get info" on the image that you are getting the color difference in safari and see what it reads as the color space.
MLeeK, It's ALL of them.

I checked one, it was 'uncalibrated', checked another, 'sRGB'. They both get a little extra saturation. I remember unchecking the 'Embed Color Profile' checkbox on the one that said uncalibrated just to try something else but apparently that didn't work either.
Uh, which release of PsE?

It's PSE 8. MLeeK has been working with me a bit to help try and figure this out and it is definitely not Zenfolio because Flickr uploads look about the same. Here is the kind of difference I'm getting:

PSE is on the left and the upload to any site is on the right.
I figured that Keith would have some idea of the problem!

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