Truth in Photoshopping

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    France is a much more homogenous society where people actually trust their government. This makes it much easier to make social change. My first time there I asked a waiter for a non smoking table and he removed the ash tray. There was a problem with drink driving. Now, 20-30 years later smoking and DUI much reduced, due largely to education programs. Also, people don't get think that every regulation is somehow a violation of some sacred right to do as they please. Yes, generalizations.

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    It's a worthy goal. But I'm thinking that it's going to just add another bureaucratic mess to things. Would they then call lighting a model to make her look thinner, "retouching?"

    The problem is just that summed up in the story; instead of taking ideals from role models, girls are looking to media, toys, and other corporate sources.

    Barbie dolls are a perfect example. The best comment on that came from a feminist in LA:
    "Apparently toy designers don't date very much."

    Which would completely cancel any benefit the law might have. Such a disclaimer, if universally used, would be like "In God We Trust" on U.S. currency. When's the last time you thought about God when you looked at money?

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