Trying my hand at baby pics (8 pictures)


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Jun 6, 2006
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Irvine KY
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My cousin wanted me to take pics of her new little baby boy for her, so here they are









After he was fed and changed, he was a very good model :)

So what do ya think?
lol nope, that's my name :) and that's the year.. lol. Her mom loved the last one I took, he's actually sitting up in that pic, I just angled it that way and he looked like he was laying down. The first one was my cousin and mom's fav
If you'd like a little suggestion, I would try shots with the lens set to more telephoto. Wide angles distort faces and make them look like inflated baloons. You have to step back more, but I think the results are more natural looking.
That went WAY over my head ... I'm a newb! lol I'm just using a Kodak Easy Share... I don't have a fancy cam or anything lol...
Most digital cameras these days have a zoom lens, so I figured that yours probably did. When you zoom in and out, lower numbers are wider and higher numbers are more telephoto. The choise has more of an impact on the image than just saving you a walk. ;) Something a lot of people don't realize. Here are a couple of sites that show this with images. You don't have to understand the technical side of it, but it helps to learn what the difference looks like. See figs. 6.1 and 6.2 to see what I mean about distorting faces. The numbers probably won't match up to what's on your camera, but once you know what to look for, you can judge for yourself.
My idea about baby and infant pics have always been that they should not be having the pacifier in their mouths that block out half of their cute little faces.
And I think you should watch the backgrounds when you do the next session of your little cousin (I know: your cousin's son). It does not help the photo if there is a dining table or kitchen elements to be seen in the background.

I would like 4 best if it weren't for the background. (No pacifier!)
Only his arm looks miserably cold in 4.

Now I like 3 best, the light is nice in that one.
We tried desparetly to go without the pacifier because she didn't want it in the pics but he wouldn't have it any other way... you know how babies are lol.. plus he's only 2 weeks old.. but I know what you mean and we did try. I'm hoping that when he's a little older that I can get better shots of him. Thanks for the hints and compliments everyone :)

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