Trying my hand at portraits (kinda?)


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Apr 27, 2006
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Rock Hill, SC
I guess this is a portrait... you decide. :D Constructive criticism welcome!

This is my son, in his "I'm so cute and sweet" pose. (Don't be fooled!) ;)

For a moment there I thought I was looking at a Mommyof4boys portrait!

The expression on your sons face, the catchlight and the toner effect make this shot extra special (if though I am certain his adorable personality would pull it off quite well all by itself)
This is so sweet! One thing, though...I keep looking at it and thinking that it would look better if the photo were flipped, so that the child is vertical. For some reason I think that it might look better...something to try?
yeh i agree with bowronfam3. the image doesnt sit well with me. I really love the capture of expression though and with the sepia too!

You have a very beautiful child!
yeah when i first saw it i kept wanting to turn my head, but i understand that she's just layin down on her side. other than that, great shot!

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