Trying new processing styles

What did the original look like and how do you normally post them? I think the first one is OOF. Personally, I think these are too bright/washed out for my taste.

The bright side is she is a very pretty young lady.
The first does appear OOF when seen large on Flickr, but squeaks by when shown smaller. I don't mind the looks of these, generally, but the first shot has an almost fake infrared-type thing going on with the vegetation, and that's a bit distracting. On the second frame, the light vignette at the bottom, seen against that steel grating, looks pretty obviously "worked on". Overall though, I do think this subject and setting lends itself well to light,airy, kind of gauzy processing looks.
Thanks for the feedback!
I normally go for a realistic look but this time I was going for a dreamy look so I softened them up, too much apparently..
I reduced clarity, added a lot of noise redux and put a slight lens blur over it in ps, prolly should have masked the face or at least eyes.
Here's how it came out the first time, which is how I normally process color photos, except I usually add a high pass filter in PS.

_DSC2792-2.jpg by TheBasedSloth, on Flickr
And here's an updated edit of the one posted above, with the vignette taken off, the grass lightened back to its natural tone, and the softness reduced.

_DSC2792.jpg by TheBasedSloth, on Flickr

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