Trying to and develop my own Black and White film. Need help please


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Feb 11, 2012
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Las Vegas
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So its been a while since I took my photography class about 4 years now lol, so ive forgotten alot about developing film but I think I have the right things in my cart, just wanted to make sure before i went ahead and hit checkout.

Adorama 1 Gallon Film Developer, Black / White Films 101565

Stop Bath
Adorama Indicator Stop Bath, B/W Film / Paper, 8 Gallon 101585

Adorama 1 Quart Universal Fixer, B/W Film/Paper 100815

Developing Tank
Adorama Ultra Universal Plastic Film Developing Tank DL6041

Can some one tell me if I have that all right? And is that film tank ok? I just went with it because it reminds me of the one that we used in class.

I appropriate any help and suggestions! :D
I clicked on each all looks okay, and the prices are affordable on the chemicals. I used to have a tank like that back when I was a kid, but I only used it a couple times. It worked okay,and was adjustable for different film sizes. I prefer more "expert" type steel spiral reels and steel tanks, but if you have USED this kind of tank, you'd probably prefer it, since it's what I call an "easy-load" type of system. For the occasional film developer, it's probably a good type of reel and tank to buy.
Nothing wrong with your choices but have you looked at Freestyle?
link to Freestyle Photographic Supplies

I've used their "house brand" Arista chemicals and they are quite good. Most are "clones" of Kodak or Ilford formulas. Shipping costs to Nevada might be less since Freestyle is in California.

I don't know about that Adorama tank -- haven't used one. Top brands for tanks are Paterson and Jobo. I have used both and they work well plus it's easy to find parts for them like spools. But most any tank will work -- some are just easier to load or use.
I don't know about that Adorama tank -- haven't used one. Top brands for tanks are Paterson and Jobo.
Here it is "Adorama tank", in Europe is sold as "Kaiser tank" in Canada A&P tank, at Freestyle it is an Arista Premium Double Reel bla bla bla...(Arista Premium Double Reel Developing Tank with two reels | Freestyle Photographic Supplies), and so on. I would not go with that design, it has many drawbacks. Paterson costs few bucks more, but is more practical and safer but if OP some day decides that he likes film, Jobo would be way to go.

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