Trying to Artistically Present a Glass Knicknack -- C&C Please

Discussion in 'Critique Forum Archives' started by astrostu, Mar 29, 2007.

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    As posted on , I built my first light box and I've been experimenting. I have some glass knicknacks and one of them I could not decide how to photograph with this technique.

    I tried several, and these are the five that I thought came out the "best." There were issues with where to place the lights, how to do the backdrop, etc. I'd appreciate advice on this, specifically light placement (you can tell some were above, some were next to, etc.), what backdrop works, or if you think I'd be better off using a different type of photography for this object.

    I don't think I'm breaking the rules because although there are 5 images, they're all versions of the same thing for comparson sake -- I'm not asking for individual C&C on each one, but on a general "what's the best way to photograph the object." But, if a moderator disagrees with me, I'll understand.







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    I like 'em .. i like four and five the best.

    Do you have instructions on how you built the light box?
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    Thanks. Instructions for the lightbox have been posted before (I just don't want to claim credit for finding them):

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