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Apr 23, 2006
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I need your help, I`m trying to find this photo of a guy, Its a huge black and white photo of a dudes face, his hair is all shaggy, he`s going bald, he`s got big thick glasses on, he`s sickly looking, or just thin, he`s smoking a cigg. and you can see nasty chest hair coming up from the buttom of the picture, I think it was taken around the 70`s or 80`s, Its a famous Picture, and thats all I know. Can anyone help me out? like the name of it or who took it?

please please please.
It really isn't a lot of info that you're offering. The best advice I can give is to check the major photo stock houses. If it is a famous shot or a famous person, then chances are that Corbis, Getty, or one of the other places represents the image for marketing purposes.

Was it an American, or European? The year range will help as well - you left a 20 year range, can you narrow that? What do you know about the subject? Was he an artist? A musician? Someone more buttoned-up being shown at a bad moment? What context did you last see the image in? Was it a magazine, or a poster? Was there anything in the background that stood out, that might give the image context? A jail line-up wall, the canals of Venice, a burning building?

My gut tells me you might want to google images of Keith Richards.
Actually, forget Keith Richards. I just googled him myself, and it turns out he has no chest hair whatsoever. Kinda like Iggy... weird.

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