Trying to locate a calendar with my shot in it.........

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    Hi all.
    I'm not sure where to post this but since this seems to be the busiest area i thought i'd try here. A while ago i sold a shot through Photographers Direct to a company based in Germany. I've been paid and everything is above board but my problem is trying to locate a copy of the calendar.

    here's the shot they used:

    The calendar is for the German market only and since i don't know anyone in Germany, nor do i speak German i was hoping that someone on the forum could help me find it and then arrange to send it to me.
    My name is David Richardson and the image was used for the month of May - it gave my girlfriend and her daughter a good laugh referring to me as Mr May for a while!!
    I've received a copy of the single image so I know it's May and that it's been printed. My name is on the bottom right corner of the page just below the image.

    If anyone can locate the calendar i'd be most grateful and would be more than willing to pay for the carriage costs to ship to me from where ever you are.



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