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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by mich408, May 31, 2006.

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    I know very little about photography so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have been put in charge of photographing a large quantity of furniture for auction purposes which will end up online and in print. I am realizing that I need to invest in some lighting equipment to get some good photographs. I was told that I should buy 2 Rifa lights (55) by Lowel. After looking these up Im finding out how expensive they are. Does anyone have any ideas for alternate brands or less expensive options? My budget for lights is about $500. I like the 'softbox' idea because it seems to be pretty simple and fool proof. Thoughts?

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    I have read in the forums that with around $600 you can buy a nice set of alienbees, http://www.alienbees.com/ check the site out, as I read on another thread, many members have them and like them very much...

    As to Tungsten lighting I would recomend only for B&W photographs, since if you shoot color film, you're going to have to get Tungsten film, for the images not to come out with more reds and orange tones.
    I right now have very little experience with digital, but since you can actualy change the white balance in the camera you can adjust the hue so the whites are actually white and not red or orange...
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    It all depends on the colour temperature of you lights. It's easily corrected with the appropriate filter - or get halogen lighting which is pretty much the same CT as daylight.
    The issue doesn't arise with digital as you can adjust CT in camera (or even afterwards if you shoot RAW).
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    How accurate do the filters work? Since I have never used them I just read that they worked ok but not like working with flash... As on using halogen lights, didn't know that at all.. although most are hot as #$%$ hehe
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    Lowell is top of the line. Consider smith victor they are more reasonably priced. Soft box or bounce will be mandatory. Finishes on furniture can be super reflective.

    Figure out what exactly is expected of these photos. Since you are looking into purchasing lights I would guess high end. In that case you have your work cut out for you. No hot spots and exact colour reproduction can be tough. If it is for illustration purposes you may be able to get away with a tripod and on camera flash.

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