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Sep 21, 2005
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Toronto, Canada
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Over the past week, the office building that I work in has had some new visitors. There are 4 in Turkey Vultures in all, but shooting through the glass of the building hasn't been very easy - the lighting is terrible, and of course the birds usually sit on the shady side of the building. I'm hoping that the decide to nest here.



What an ugly bird! :)
That last one is a really neat shot though. The way the reflections play is really cool
great shots, the first one is best IMO, great close-up of such a beautiful bird... ;)
Cool set of pics. The first one is great to see the detail of this (well, let's call a spade a spade, UGLY) bird. And I like the incongruity of the third one...bird on a girder looking into an office building.
That's a face only a mother could love.

Great shots.
Great pics...we came upon several while driving through CA...feasting on roadkill...a deer. They serve a purpose..no feathers on the head...watch them feed...The head goes deep into the animal carcass as they tear the meat out...if the head feathers what a mess!
Very cool. The first pic is great.
Ugh. This bird is not beautiful!
But the photos you took of it are!
So amazing to hear that such birds show up and maybe even start to NEST so close to your office building - and in CANADA, too. I would always and almost exclusively have expected vultures to be in Africa... shows my ignorance about birds, doesn't it?
Thanks for the comments. I really hope they stick around a make some babies. I'll keep you all posted...

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